Customized & Bespoke

We now offer customized and bespoke options for those who want to create their dream gown.

Although both options are tailor made to fit you, there are key differences when you choose to have a customized or bespoke gown made: price, options, and lead time. All gowns are made in our Los Angeles studio.

Customized Gowns

A customized gown is one of our existing gowns with design alterations made by you. Design alterations include changing the fabric of a design (ex. I would like the Paradise gown in the Flora gown's fabric) or mix-matching designs (ex. I would like the top of the Venus gown with the bottom of the Virago gown).

For customized gowns, your options are limited to the designs and fabrics we carry. Our lead time for customized gowns is 2-4 weeks. Price range is $700-$3000, depending on intricacy of designs and fabrics. 

Bespoke Gowns

A bespoke gown is a totally new, one-of-a-kind gown designed just for you. We work with you to design a unique dress for your wedding or special occasion.

Unlike customized gowns, your design and fabric options are limitless since it is your own unique design. Our lead time for bespoke gowns is 4-8 weeks. Price range is $1500-$5000, depending on intricacy of designs and fabrics. 

**We take pride in our original designs, so we do not recreate replicas from photos. However, we can incorporate the elements of the design you like into an original gown.

Virtual Measurements

For both customized and bespoke gowns, we are able to take your measurements virtually— no measuring tape necessary! We are partnered with a program with new technological capabilities that allows you to send us your detailed, accurate measurements just by taking two photos.  

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Fill out the form below to inquire about a customized or bespoke gown. Please provide information about the style of gown or design you're interested in. We'll get back to you soon. We're looking forward to create the gown of your dreams!