Why we make made-to-order and custom

Why we make made-to-order and custom



At Nerecina we are dedicated to upholding modern standards of sustainability and versatility. We strongly believe in designing unique, luxury garments that make women look and feel beautiful.

We operate on a made-to-order basis because it allows greater utility and functionality for our clients. Naturally, all our clients seek exclusivity and uniqueness, and we believe in serving this luxury in line with the expectations and requirements of our clients.

Made-to-order dresses are special and exclusive, and they allow our clients to feel confident wearing an outfit that has been designed and stitched uniquely for their tastes. Each season, we introduce new styles, some timeless classics, and exciting new color palettes.

Our made-to-order business model allows us to maintain the standards of sustainability, and helps us prevent waste of fabrics and essential materials. While we focus on reducing waste, excelling the expectations of our clients and capturing their exact requirements is the heart of our mission.

We begin working on a dress only when a client places an order. This allows us to save precious fabrics, and the human effort associated with the timeless craft.  

Custom Made

Custom dresses are exclusive and personal. Many women want to flaunt a dress that is unique and exclusively created for them. We believe that custom made designs are an extremely significant investment for plus size brides, and women in general, because they are tailored to their measurements. Therefore, they provide a superior comfort and a form-flattering design that has been stitched to make clients look and feel good.












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