Why Plus Size Women Need Bridal and Formalwear Couture

Why Plus Size Women Need Bridal and Formalwear Couture

..and how my brand will fill the void that’s missing in plus size fashion.

Hi! Welcome to the Nerecina Wedding Blog. My name is Jenine and I am the owner, founder, designer, etc of the Nerecina brand. 5D54571C-EBA5-4438-8246-8A8B9D17395BI started this fashion brand to cater to plus size women because I saw a serious lack in couture and luxury clothing options for curvy bodies in the bridal and formalwear industry.
Before we dive in, let me tell you a little bit more about myself and why I wanted to start my brand. I am a fashion designer and celebrity tailor living and working in Los Angeles. After working with celebrity clients for the past 3 years, I realized that the luxury and couture clothing that we see on runways and magazines is exclusive to women who are a size 4 and under. As a plus-sized woman, this does not sit well with me. I rarely see a curvy woman wearing luxury and couture fashions— even plus size A-list celebrities have a hard time getting designers to dress them!

Beauty is not a one-size-fits-all. I believe that any woman, regardless of her size, should have access to luxury and couture— it’s for us, too. I want to use my platform and creativity as a designer to make an impact on the fashion industry. I started Nerecina so that plus-size women can finally experience what it feels like to wear a stunning piece of clothing that’s exclusively created for her shape and size.

Because we deserve it, too.

Have you ever watched a runway show or flipped through Vogue and saw unique, stunning clothes that you know you’ll never be able to wear? Is it disappointing that although you’ve been a die-hard fan of your favorite fashion house for years, they’ve never made clothes for someone that looks even a little bit close to your size? Are you tired of shopping from the same fast-fashion brands (who recycles the same designs season after season) because you basically have no choice? How hard is it to shop for special occasions? How hard was it/will it be to shop for your wedding dress?
These questions serve as an answer why plus size women need bridal and formalwear couture. Because we need and deserve it— without having to lose weight or worry about the size on the tag.



Exclusive to plus size women

For plus size women, finding bridal, formalwear, and accessories that’s unique, customizable, and made specifically for our body type is a challenge. Many of the brands who cater to plus women sell recycled, cookie-cutter designs without much thought to the quality of design and fabrics. Plus sizing is totally limited, not to mention that it’s lip service for big brands to offer “extended” sizing that only goes up to a size 18 or 24. We’re also completely restricted to the styles that brands offer without the opportunity to make any changes to the garments we buy. Unlike our smaller-sized counterparts, we don’t have the luxury of endless options when shopping for clothes. The luxury and couture fashion industry has never been inclusive or body positive, and it needs to change. Sixty-seven percent of women in the United States is a size 14 or larger, and we need more brands to cater to us.
That’s why Nerecina is exclusive to plus size women. Isn’t it funny that I said exclusive instead of inclusive (like many brands are claiming today)? In 2019, all of our pieces will be available in sizes 10-32 and 0X-5X. If we do not have your size or would like your gown made to your measurements, we offer custom fittings at our Los Angeles studio.

How Nerecina is different from other plus size brands

Every piece in the collections we create is customizable, ethically made, uniquely designed for curvy bodies, and we only use the highest quality, luxurious fabrics. Fabric is key in Nerecina Couture designs. Because all of our designs is made-to-order, we offer customization options on necklines, hemlines, sleeves, and more! We work closely with each customer to craft the perfect dress, so the possibilities are endless.
Our gowns are designed, patterned, cut, and sewn in Los Angeles by artisans who are compensated generously. So, no need to worry about sweatshops because we love producing our collections locally. Made-to-order also means that we reduce fabric waste and overproduction since we don’t carry stock. Say goodbye to wasted carbon dioxide!
Whenever I’m designing a new piece, I ask myself, “What does a plus size woman want to wear, but can’t because it’s not available in her size or sold anywhere?” My mission is to design unique bridal and formalwear couture for curvy, fashion-conscious women. I’ve heard that plus size women do not purchase luxury items, and I think that’s false. How can someone buy something that doesn’t exist? So, to the curvy women who wants unique, luxurious couture fashions, I know you’re out there and this brand is for you.

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