Why Every Fashion Brand Should Be Size Inclusive

Why Every Fashion Brand Should Be Size Inclusive

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The Rise of Size Inclusive Fashion Brands

Women and fashion always go hand in hand. For years, fashion has played a significant role on how women express themselve​​s. Fashion, though, for a long time has never been size inclusive, but some recent developments tipped the scale towards inclusivity. Womenswear fashion brands, in particular, took an exciting progress having models of different backgrounds, shapes, and sizes, showcasing all types of beauty and allowing equal opportunity representation in the fashion world for all women.

Real women have different bodies and deserve equal representation

Body positivity is something that all fashion brands should promote. We believe in equality and body positivity, and this is the very reason why we created Nerecina, an inclusive fashion brand that caters to all women of all sizes, making sure every woman gets access to a luxury, made-to-order fashion that is sustainably made and ethically produced, regardless of her size. 

Nerecina's goal is to change the way women shop by creating stunning, unique designs in luxurious fabrics, doing away with categories and ideals, and offering customization options for every style we sell— while being socially responsible and promoting body positivity. 

We want every woman to look and feel beautiful in luxury couture fashion pieces that are inclusive of ALL sizes. We are here to remind women that we are all beautiful and special, no matter what the shape and size of our bodies are. We take it upon our hands to revolutionize the fashion industry’s standards, making it inclusive and empowering.

We believe that the best way to revolutionize the fashion industry is to get more fashion brands to hop on the body positivity movement, not only because it is trendy but because it is necessary. So here are the 3 Major Reasons why every fashion brand should be size inclusive. 


nerecina luxury plus sized made-to-order sustainably made ethical fashion brand
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3 Reasons Why Every Fashion Brand Should be Size Inclusive

1. It is Good for Business

One of the most neglected segments of the women population, the plus size market, is actually a huge market. In fact, the plus size clothing market is valued at $601.7B in 2022 and is projected to reach $1,044.3B by 2032. This is not surprising because more than half of women ages 18 to 65 wear a size 14 or higher. The demand for plus size clothing continues to rise exponentially as plus-size customers look for stunning and trendy fashion pieces that are readily available in larger sizes.

The rapid growth of the plus size market and its profitability made some exciting developments in the fashion industry. A number of clothing retailers and manufacturers expanded their lines, which once stopped at a size 12 or 14, to include sizes up to a 28. Malls that have few options for plus-size shoppers started offering a wide bonanza of bigger sizes. Traditional mall stores have also extended their available sizes, while larger retailers are adding more size-inclusive brands to their inventories. The online space has even more plus-size players, with Nerecina as one of its pioneers. 

Nerecina’s online presence has made an indelible contribution making fashion brand size inclusive. Since its inception, women have enjoyed shopping for luxury, made-to-order, stunning fashion pieces online that are inclusive of ALL sizes. We are ready to take this market by storm and change the standards in the fashion industry for all the right reasons! 


 2. Lack of Diversity and Equal Representation

There are many things that have been going wrong in the fashion industry for years. One notable example is the lack of diversity and equal representation. Real women have different bodies so fashion must be ideally size inclusive. Why is it that plus size women don’t have equal representation and struggle to find clothes that fit their size? It shouldn’t be like that. 

Consumers are expressing their dissatisfaction about this lack of diversity in the fashion industry in a lot of ways, pressuring brands to serve a greater variety of customers. Women ages 18 to 65 who wear a size 14 or higher, have extensively utilized social media to put pressure on retailers, and to push back against body-shamers who say there is no room for diverse figures in fashion. 

Fashion is such an essential tool for self-presentation in women and to communicate their identity to others. Therefore it is important for plus-size women to have such a varied number of identities they could show and relate to. Social media has been very helpful in helping plus size women putting pressure on companies to have more variety in their lines.

nerecina luxury plus size made-to-order sustainably made ethical fashionnerecina luxury plus size made-to-order sustainably made ethical fashionnerecina luxury plus size made-to-order sustainably made ethical fashion

Luxury Made-to-order Clothes for ALL Women of ALL Sizes

Nerecina fills this gap in diversity and equal representation by offering a size inclusive luxury fashion brand that is more than meets the eye. Our models come in all backgrounds, color, shapes and sizes, making sure that every woman is well represented and isn’t left behind. 

3. The Rise of Body Positivity Movement

One exciting movement that has come out of the millennials is the body positivity movement. Body positivity means being happy and accepting of the body you have, no matter what shape and size it is. Led by celebrities and social media influencers who are cheering bigger bodies, the body positivity movement continues to gain traction and popularity, with no signs of slowing down soon.

Gabourey Sidibe wears the Augustine Dress featured in Brides Magazine Nerecina Fashion

Celebrity Gabourey Sidibe wears the Nerecina Augustine Dress

as featured in Brides Magazine


The rise of celebrities and influencers with very high numbers of followers voicing their opinions and advocating for body acceptance and a more inclusive fashion industry, such as singer-songwriter Lizzo, yoga teacher and writer Jessamyn Stanley, model Ashely Graham, actress Aidy Bryant and comedian Dulce Sloan, to name a few, helps push forward the body positivity movement to greater heights. This positive development helps move the ideals in the fashion industry into the right direction, with social media allowing multiplication of voices. 

It’s really important for women to be themselves, whatever their form, shape, size or appearance is.


nerecina designer luxury plus size made-to-order sustainably made ethical fashion


"I started Nerecina because I want every woman to look and feel beautiful no matter what her size is. My goal is to create size-inclusive dresses that’s luxurious, customizable, and sustainably made." 

- Jenine Nerecina, Founder & Designer of Nerecina 




Time for ALL Fashion Brands to be Size Inclusive 

Inclusivity is a hallmark of millennial culture, making way for younger designers to cater to customers regardless of their body shapes and sizes. Inclusivity is becoming a norm that the addition of larger sizes has even reached into niche markets, such as lingerie and activewear. 

So why not make every fashion brand size inclusive when it is financially feasible and socially responsible? The market is huge, the demand is high, yet the supply is low. It is high time to tap into this huge market that has been neglected for a long time, and offer exciting diversity in fashion for all women of all sizes. 

Join Nerecina in paving the way to make fashion brands size inclusive and revolutionize the standards of the fashion industry for the better! 

      nerecina luxury plus size made-to-order sustainably made ethical fashionnerecina luxury plus size made-to-order sustainably made ethical fashionnerecina luxury plus size made-to-order sustainably made ethical fashion

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