Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for Plus Size Brides

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for Plus Size Brides

Shopping for a wedding dress is extremely stressful, especially for plus size brides, who tend to struggle against a lack of variety. We put together a list of 5 essential shopping tips that will guide your way.

Here, take a look:

Find a boutique that caters to plus size brides

The first and foremost step as a bride is to find the right boutique that has experience in catering to plus size brides. We strongly encourage you to explore their social media accounts and catalogs to get an idea of the dresses they carry and the body types of the customers they serve.

It is ideal to book a consultation with the boutique, just so you can get an idea of their capacity and innovation. After all, your wedding gown isn’t just any dress. It’s one of the most important ensembles of your life’s fashion chronicles!

Don’t worry about the size on the tag

As a plus size bride, you may feel pushed around and told to lose some weight so you can fit into the dress of your dreams. Ladies, you must not pay any heed to such remarks and advices. Your wedding day is one of the most special occasions of your life, and it should be all about YOU. So, don’t worry about the size on the tag, and instead, look around for variety and choose a dress that you love.


Don’t be pushed into what’s flattering, choose the dress you love

A large majority of plus size brides are conscious about the dress styles that will flatter their curves, as opposed to being bold in choosing the styles that they actually love. An A-line dress may flatter your form, but if you don’t enjoy wearing it, it will do nothing to make you feel confident and ravishing.

Feeling confident is the most important emotion for a woman, as it allows her to shine and glow in her own radiance. So, don’t let anyone push you into styles and sizes that are flattering for your form. When it comes to your wedding dress, follow your heart.


Get a bridal seamstress experienced in plus size bodies

It is important to make sure that the bridal seamstress you have hired to do your alterations is experienced in altering plus size wedding dresses. Only an experienced seamstress can give due considerations to your comfort, the need for fabric support and create a statement that is flattering and comfortable for your body type.


When all else fails, get a custom dress

Custom made wedding gowns are the ultimate reward for a plus size bride who wants to flaunt her dream dress. You can rejoice the beauty of your chosen statement, customized and tailored to your exact measurements and specifications.






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