5 Reasons to Shop Made-to-order

5 Reasons to Shop Made-to-order


Nerecina Luxury Plus Size Made-to-order Sustainably made Ethical Fashion

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The rise of made-to-order fashion

Something exciting has come out of the pandemic that is significantly shaping the future of the fashion industry. Made-to-order brands are quickly gaining high ground and recognition, and Nerecina welcomes this exciting recent development with open arms.

It is definitely a pleasant surprise, and we view this as a major leap towards stepping away from fast fashion, and gearing towards inclusivity and sustainability.

What is made-to-order? 

Who can better explain this wonderful concept than Nerecina itself, a pioneering made-to-order brand dedicated to revolutionizing the fashion industry for all the right reasons!

Yes, we are here to gladly enlighten and educate you so you will have a thorough understanding of what made-to-order is and appreciate it more for all the amazing features and benefits it offers our consumers.

It is surely more than meets the eye!


So let’s cut to the chase. Nerecina currently operates on a made-to-order basis, which means that fabric doesn't get cut until there is a new order, with the owner excitedly anticipating for its new fashion piece. This stops us from the usual practice of predicting what our community wants, thereby having potential overstocks that then have to be either discounted or thrown away. Because we don’t cut into fabric and create clothing until it’s ordered, we’re able to be much more flexible with our collection, and accurate in providing demand for colors, styles, and sizes. And the fact that fabric and human energy aren’t utilized yet until a customer places an order and commits her precious money on it, saves a lot of energy and resources.                                                                                                                                          Meet the Designer

Our colors change across seasons but many of our designs remain permanent staple fashion pieces that you can make your own for years to come.

This is basically the reason why we curate only stunning luxurious designs that are classic and trendy with modern edge, flair and burst of colors for an exciting yet unique wardrobe that will stand the test of time.

We work hard to bring forth new styles to add to your collection, and are able to pivot our offerings easily to better serve your fashion needs.

The difference between made-to-order and bespoke or custom-made

The thing about made-to-order is it is sometimes confused with bespoke or custom-made. If you look closely though, they are absolutely different. Custom made, also known as bespoke, is when the customer meets with the designer and their team over a series of multiple in-person fittings for a clothing that is made exclusively to her measurements. 

While made-to-order also makes clothing based on the customer’s accurate measurements, the huge difference lies in the:  

capability to be able to offer returns or exchanges over some reasons to our highly-valued customers.

This definitely isn’t available if the item is custom-made or bespoke.  

Nerecina Luxury Plus Size Made-to-order Sustainably made Ethical Fashion
Luxury Custom Made Dresses and Gowns


Why Buy Made-to-order Clothing

It’s 2022, and the fashion industry is breaking up with fast fashion, and giving way to the rise of made-to-order brands that promote inclusivity and sustainability. If you are wondering what the hype is all about, Nerecina shares 5 reasons why you should be on-board this new wave that’s sweeping the fashion industry and for the better!

5 Reasons to Buy Made-to-order Clothing

1. Clothes that actually fit you. 

Do you spend so much time fitting clothes when you go shopping? Do you struggle finding the right clothes that fit your body perfectly? If you are, then, it is high time to switch to made-to-order shopping. 

Everyone of us has different bodies, with variations not only in shapes and sizes but also in height. And most of the time, it is challenging to find the clothes that really fit us in the ready made clothes’ rack.

The hunt to find the ideal clothes that fit our body perfectly becomes harder when you are a plus sized woman. Made-to-order clothes gives absolutely everyone of us the chance to find clothes we like that actually fit us, no matter what shape and size of our bodies are. 

Here at Nerecina, whether you like a stunning figure-hugging formal dress, or a loose luxury jumpsuit with a belt to cinch your waist, you can literally have the fashion pieces you fancy that are size inclusive, just the way you want it. 


2. Personalization.

Nerecina Luxury Plus Size Made-to-order Sustainably made Ethical Fashion

Personal experience is what sets made-to-order clothing apart from the ready-made clothes produced from fast fashion. So much love goes into every luxury Nerecina made-to-order fashion piece you buy where we focus on giving you a personalized shopping experience catered to answer your specific fashion needs. All the while offering you stellar customer service - from the moment you place your order, to getting your measurements, to sewing your clothes, and after it lands on your hands.                                                                                          See How Your Clothes Are Made             

As your clothes are made on demand, there is always the opportunity to message us and ask for little customisations. Whether it is with the sizing, or a small personal detail, within reason it’s all normally possible.

We offer Returns and Fit Guarantee so if ever you are not happy with your purchase, you may return it for a store credit that never expires, or exchange it for a complimentary remake or alterations of the same item.

You can never enjoy this kind of experience buying fast fashion. With made-to-order shopping, you get clothes that are worth every penny you spent for it.

Nerecina Luxury Plus Size Made-to-order Sustainably made Ethical Fashion

3. High quality pieces.

Unlike fast fashion, designers doing made-to-order clothes only use the finest fabrics and materials to provide you with a wardrobe that stays in your closet for a long time. This holds true with Nerecina. Our made-to-order luxury fashion pieces are guaranteed to be of high quality in all aspects and are definitely valuable investments. Consider shopping made-to-order clothes a family heirloom that can be passed down to the next generation.

          High Quality Fashion Pieces Sample Sale


4. Sustainability.

Shoppers nowadays are becoming more responsible to take good care of the only planet we live on - the Earth. Thus, more than three in five consumers consider environmental impact to be an important factor in making purchasing decisions.

With Nerecina’s made-to-order luxury fashion pieces, the old-fashioned principle of producing based on actual need and not projections, is the core value, which leaves very little room for waste. Not only that, with every luxury fashion piece we make, we leave a negative carbon footprint to our environment because we simply don’t carry stock and produce zero waste.

5. Support ethical fashion

What is ethical fashion? Ethical fashion is garment design, production, and distribution that focuses on reducing harm to people and the planet. In the most ideal sense, it benefits those working along the supply chain and creates a better future for everyone—not just for those at the top. 

We source out our supplies from the local providers, making sure our garments and materials pass our rigid quality standards, while helping stimulate and strengthen the local economy and providing fair employment to locally-available skilled workers. 

Here at Nerecina, we work as a team and recognize everyone’s valuable contributions. So we make sure to take good care of our hard working employees that help us push forward our goal to revolutionize the standards in the fashion industry for a more inclusive, sustainable and ethical production. 

Nerecina Luxury Plus Size Made-to-order Sustainably made Ethical Fashion
Stunning Collection of Ethical Formal Dresses for Special Occasion


The made-to-order approach encourages us to reconnect with the notion of time and quality, moving from impulse buying that makes us unhappy to a more thoughtful satisfying way of shopping - Laurence Delebois, CEO & Founder of Masters of Good. 

With the shift of consumer’s priorities and emerging new values that shape the fashion industry these days, it is apparent that made-to-order is the future.

What more could you ask for when you get to buy high-quality clothes you like in your specific measurements that are sustainable, ethical and environment-friendly?

That’s surely a win-win.

So start BUYING made-to-order clothes now! Shop at Nerecina!  

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